Sliding Scales of Justice Program



DAVIS MADDEN & ASSOCIATES, P.C. created the SLIDING SCALES OF JUSTICE PROGRAM to help moderate income individuals find affordable legal assistance. Our mission is to help those individuals who earn too much money to qualify for the public defender, but who cannot afford traditional legal fees at the market rate. The Sliding Scales of Justice Program is not affiliated with Legal Aid or the Public Defender’s Office, nor is it a pro bono (free) program. Our lawyers have agreed to charge reduced rates for legal work provided to clients accepted in the program. There is no grant or subsidy that makes up the difference between our lawyers’ regular rates and the Sliding Scales of Justice Program rates. The lawyers in our office agree to charge reduced rates because they believe in the mission of this program.

TYPES OF MATTERS: The Sliding Scales of Justice Program is only for certain types of traffic and misdemeanor criminal cases. If the specific area of law with which you need help is not listed on the application, then it is NOT a part of the program.

TO APPLY: To apply, you must complete the application form and pay the $50 application fee. You can call our office for an application or you can download the application from the link below.

ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility is based on the type and location of your legal matter, your income and assets, and the availability of our attorneys. If you have questions about whether or not your criminal matter qualifies for the program, please contact us prior to submitting your application. 

QUALIFICATION PROCESS: You will be contacted by email or telephone after your application has been reviewed. If your application is accepted, we will contact you within one (1) business day to schedule an initial 30-minute consultation with one of our lawyers. After the initial consultation, you will be asked to advise our office if you intend to move forward with representation.

FEES: The exact fee will be determined by your income and your charges, and all fees are quoted at a flat rate fee for municipal representation. There are no hourly bills, hidden costs, or per court appearance rates. The minimum rate for representation is $500.00; however, rates typically do not exceed $1,000.00.